How We Do It

Learn about our award-winning technology, and how it gives superpowers to medicinal chemists.

We Are Reinventing Small Molecule Drug Discovery

We have to tackle the most challenging, seemingly impossible targets and streamline the drug discovery process to give drug developers more shots on goal.

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IP estate with 19 issued and 12 pending patent applications.


Scientific peer-reviewed publications.


R&D pipeline covering all major disease areas.

Our Approach is Differentiated from Other Computational Drug Discovery Methods

Ability to Drug Poorly Categorized Targets

Ability to Interrogate Vast Chemical Space

Scalable Discovery Engine

Network Effects Drive Model Predictability

Building AI solutions for every healthcare need

We don’t only implement artificial intelligence solutions for healthcare although that’s what we competently do but also ensure interoperability between the newly built AI apps and other healthcare IT systems, such as EHR, EMR, patient portals, and population health management software, creating coherent and secure tech environments.

Best in Class Engineering Architecture and Tools

The AtomNet® platform is built with industry-leading tools for AI and ML technology that enable massive scale and unprecedented speed needed to create a deep and broad pipeline of drugs to improve human health.

Technical Partners

Learn more about our portfolio, pipeline and career opportunities.

Developing next-generation ML models

Our unique AI capabilities allow us to train state-of-the-art 

machine learning models that are:

Trained on
high-quality data

Worldwide, multimodal, and expertly curated datasets sourced from our Data Alliance Network.

Powered by
Federated Learning

Trains robust models on distributed data across different hospitals without exposing their patients’ sensitive data.

Interpretable by

Unique algorithms allow researchers to understand the model’s conclusions and identify biomarkers.

Fuel precision

Accessible to our clinical and life science partners to power a precision therapeutic approach.